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the corporate paradigm

My Vision and Mission as an Executive Coach and Trainer is to leverage my experience as a corporate leader and my Wellbeing Philosophies to provide you and your organization with a unique and impactful approach.

Can you feel identify with the following:

Are you curious how to uplevel your business in a new and holistic manner?

Are you finding that your team is unmotivated, bored or simply overwhelmed?

Are you having a hard time attracting great talent or keeping your top players not only in the organization but actually engaged?

Are you sensing that your company is not at the top of its game because its people are not feeling heard, acknowledge and they have stopped believing in the vision and mission?

Are you looking to elevate your team and leaders?

START your journey toward up-leveling your business with an Executive Discovery Call. It’s complimentary and the beginning of your journey to bringing more impact to your organization.  They’re worth it! And so are you!


Rossy Bustamante,


Financial Planner, ROCA Financial Solutions

Magda is a warrior. An individual that despite all adversity has found a way to shine in her own way. She is not afraid to share her struggles to help and motivate others to overcome theirs. 


She is an inspiration and a role model to follow. Her light is so bright that other women can benefit from all she has to offer through her career path.

I believe that when someone is so lucky to have found passion and career in-one the benefits to whom receive services by this individual are exponentially superior.

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