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Sonia A.

During a very challenging time in my life, working with Magda Juliana was instrumental in helping me shift my mental and emotional states. 

 I was consistently guided by her compassion, understanding, kindness,

and humor.  Magda Juliana was extremely devoted and attentive to helping me

on my path and I always felt supported and understood by her.  She was able to sift through whatever information I presented her with and quickly get to the "heart of the matter," or, to what was really going on inside.  I trust Magda wholeheartedly and am so thankful to have found her.   I am beyond grateful to be able to work with Magda and highly recommend her.


Heidi P.

“After having attended the Ladies Retreat you led, I came away with a fuel of uplifted energy, a sense of oneself, and a thirst for clarity.

Thank YOU for today!”


Rossy Bustamante,


Financial Planner, ROCA Financial Solutions

Magda is a warrior. An individual that despite all adversity has found a way to shine in her own way. She is not afraid to share her struggles to help and motivate others to overcome theirs. 


She is an inspiration and a role model to follow. Her light is so bright that other women can benefit from all she has to offer through her career path.

I believe that when someone is so lucky to have found passion and career in-one the benefits to whom receive services by this individual are exponentially superior.

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